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Inservice 2017

The links on this page are to support learning about Student Engagement. These are sites that promote the use of technology to increase student engagement. The last link is to the page of Kevin Honeycutt who shared these resources and has MANY others. The interesting thing about these is that they facilitate activities that have meaning and value for the student. This means that they are more likely to persist in the face of difficulty.

Google Sketchup: Free 3D modeling program to install on your computer. Good tutorial videos and intuitive tools allow users to create scale drawings in perspective quickly. Town diorama with shoe boxes? How about a 3D rendoring?

Shapeways: Design jewelry, art, miniatures, games and more. Set up your own storefront online and sell the product you've designed. Customers can select your design and then have it "printed" in anything from gold to plastic. Setting up your account takes minutes and there are design tools embedded in the site.

Spoonflower: Upload your drawing, picture, graphic and turn it into fabric or wrapping paper. Set up your store and sell your product, or buy it yourself and turn it into clothing. 

Tunecore: Upload your song or audio book and, for $9.99 have it uploaded to iTunes, spotify and other streaming services. Keep the royalties.

Kevin Honeycutt: Dynamic speaker who gave me more ideas in an hour than I could digest. I'm still "chewing" on some of the things that he showed us that kids are doing. Lots of ideas on his page.