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     The maintenance team for the Toledo School District is committed to keeping our schools and grounds safe, clean and ready for use all year long. Safe and clean facilities support a positive learning experience for all of our students and ensures a great environment for the public to enjoy our grounds and sports venues as well.

     In addition to the Toledo High School, Toledo Middle School and Toledo Elementary School, we also maintain the Toledo Bus Garage, the Cowlitz Prairie Academy, the Red School House, the Toledo Girls Softball Complex, the Jackson Highway VFW Hall and various outbuildings on each of those properties. Our team also mows and performs basic landscaping to approximately 84 acres of TSD property and sports venues and we stripe the THS football field for both football and soccer.


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Ariel Alvarino

Maintenance Team Member

Christina Banks

Building Custodian

Dayln Christensen

Maintenance Team Member

Tim Groff

Maintenance Team Member

Karen Hazlett

Building Custodian

Teresa Holmes

Maintenance Team Member

Mike Ross

Maintenance Director

Sam Tauscher

Maintenance Team Member

Kathy Tiernan

Building Custodian

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