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School Closure Procedures


     Winter weather brings with it the possibility of impassable roads and hazardous driving conditions. Occasionally, student safety requires adjustments to school operations. The decision about whether to hold school, start late or cancel is always a difficult one and is made after a careful review of conditions in all parts of the district. Schools will close when it is dangerous to put children and buses on the road. Some of these hazards include snow, freezing rain, wind chill, below-zero temperatures and protracted power outages.

     A decision about school operations is made by 5:30 a.m. following a driving tour of the district with special attention to known trouble spots. When the decision to start late or close school is made, local television and radio stations will be notified. In addition, posts will be made to the district Facebook page and the superintendent’s Twitter feed (@suptrust). If no announcement is made, schools will open as scheduled.

     Toledo School District avoids closing school after student arrival because of the possibility of children going home to locked houses, but will do so under severe emergency conditions that preclude remaining at school. Such closures will be announced over local radio stations, through the TSD phone messaging system and on Facebook and Twitter.

     Determining the safest plan for children during inclement weather is ultimately parents’ responsibility, regardless of district operational decisions.

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